Saving Tax Dollars with New Systems and Active Management

Cut Wasteful Spending

Slashed wasteful spending on payroll and overhead, contributing to an 30% reduction in budgeted expenses since taking office and saving millions of taxpayer dollars.

Contributed to County Property Tax Stability

Kept property taxes stable by returning over $20 million to the taxpayers.

Business Meeting

Modernized County Filings

Launched a new system to record county land records which has already captured $6 million in savings and made it easier for attorneys and litigants to transmit, serve, file, and retrieve court filings twenty-four hours a day.

Streamlined Staff

Cut overall staffing by 35% since taking office, including the Chief Deputy County Clerk and its $100,000 annual salary.

Protecting Homeowners from Fraud and Abuse …

Reaching Out to Residents …

Making County Government More Efficient and Responsive …

A Better Use of Staff

Overtime Down 99%
Before Tim was elected, temporary workers were relied on to handle spikes in workload, and overtime for regular employees was out of control.

With more active oversight to manage those spikes and by cross-training staff to perform multiple jobs, Tim reduced supplemental staffing costs enormously and made the Clerk’s office more efficient and self-reliant.

In addition, fifteen full-time positions have been eliminated, without layoffs, and the office continues to provide a high level of service to customers.

Tim’s Promise:

“I take pride in running a professional office.
I promise to increase our use of new technology to maximize every single dollar in our budget.”