Protecting Homeowners
from Fraud and Abuse

Warned Residents on Avoiding Scams Prompted by Storms

Educated residents to beware of non-reputable plumbers and electricians as severe weather in 2011 and 2012 caused millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and businesses throughout the county.

Increased Fines for Unlicensed Plumbers and Electricians

Increased fines from $50 to $5,000, fought for new legislation to toughen licensing, and cracked down on violators to protect residents from unsafe work.


Educated Seniors on Avoiding Invasive Calls and Junk Mail

Helped thousands of seniors throughout the county protect themselves from scams and intrusive advertising.

Assisted Residents Impacted by the Foreclosure Crisis

Raised awareness among those at risk of foreclosure and partnered with local not-for-profit assistance organizations and county agencies to facilitate governmental funding and homeowner assistance.


Saving Tax Dollars …

Reaching Out to Residents …

Making County Government More Efficient and Responsive …

Reducing Identity Theft

Tim has met the challenge of making records more accessible online while protecting the privacy of our county’s residents. Tim has worked with local and state professional organizations to educate professionals presenting documents to our office to remove personally identifying information.

In addition, Tim has traveled throughout the county to senior centers where he cautions our county’s older residents about divulging personal and bank information.

Tim’s Promise:

“My first priority is to protect the residents I serve.
I promise to do whatever I can to eliminate the abuse of our public records.”