Making County Government More Efficient and More Responsive

Eliminate Paper Waste

Eliminated Delays in Recording Real Estate Sales

Completely erased the months-long backlog with active daily management and fewer employees.

Provided An Around-the-Clock Office for Key Services

Online records searches, court filings, and land records submissions can all happen at any hour of the day thanks to web-based applications that support the key functions of the County Clerk’s Office.

Attracted State Grants to Improve Customer Service

Secured a series of state grants to make filed maps available online, to improve access to matrimonial judgments for litigants, and to enhance the County Clerk’s collection of online images.

Partnered with Other County Offices to Make Government More Efficient

Improved integration with federal, state, county, and local agencies to provide services more efficiently.

Saving Tax Dollars …

Protecting Homeowners from Fraud and Abuse …

Reaching Out to Residents …

Peace of Mind

Records Backlog Eliminated Graph

Before Tim was elected, the backlog of land records rose to almost 80,000 documents and caused delays up to six months in recording vital records like deeds and mortgages.

Today, that backlog has been completely erased: deliver a document in the morning and it’s entered in the system that afternoon. So you can stop worrying about important paperwork you process through the Clerk’s office.

Tim’s Promise:

“Making residents wait six months to confirm their mortgage has been recorded was inexcusable.
I promise never to add to your worries when you’re buying a home in Westchester.”