Tim Idoni’s grandfather left Italy to make a better life in America.

A stone mason by trade, he settled in New Rochelle within Westchester’s growing Italian community. He started a business and raised a family of eleven children, while New Rochelle prospered and grew.

Tim’s father was born in New Rochelle, raised during the Depression, and served in World War II. After eight years in the Air Force, he returned to New Rochelle, and commuted to New York City to work at the offices of Mobil Oil. He was a Rockefeller Republican, believing that efficient and responsive local government could be a positive force for the community.



His father’s early death heightened Tim’s sense of personal responsibility.

Tim was 14 when his father died. He overcame this challenge and went on to graduate New Rochelle High School with varsity letters in three sports. He double-majored in English Literature and American Studies at Iona College, where his mother was assistant manager at the bookstore. And he earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration from N.Y.U.

Tim’s career in public management started right away. He worked as an Assistant to the Village Administrator in Bronxville before being hired in New Rochelle as Director of Emergency Services. Excelling at each job, he was promoted to Deputy City Manager at age 27.

When Tim was hired by Ardsley as Village Manager, he established his reputation for effective leadership.

Coordinating with county, state, and federal officials, Tim marshalled efforts that had languished for decades to control and prevent downtown flooding, saving the Village millions of dollars each year. Though offered the job of Yonkers City Manager in 1988, Tim stayed in Ardsley until he was sure the job was done.

Tim received an international award for his overhaul of Ardsley, and became known as someone trusted to solve tough problems.

Tim was Mayor of New Rochelle for 14 years.

Tim was Mayor of New Rochelle for 14 years.

Encouraged by a bi-partison group of community leaders to run for Mayor of his home town, Tim welcomed the chance to serve.

Though more interested in administration than politics, Tim knew he could not pass up the opportunity to help New Rochelle recover from years of mismanagement. Empty lots littered the downtown, developers and new home buyers shunned the city, and the local budget was running at a deficit.

Using his management skills, Tim led New Rochelle out of steep deficits by trimming government spending and managing the city more efficiently. He reduced the tax burden on property owners by attracting new retail investment that more than doubled the local economy. And he protected public safety spending during difficult budget negotiations to help bring crime to 40-year low.

Elected in 2005 and re-elected in 2009 and 2013 to run the County Clerk’s office, Tim again discovered the rewards of good management.
Tim and his daughters

Tim and his daughters.

As County Clerk, Tim Idoni has transformed the office. He’s modernized county filings with innovative new electronic systems that save tax dollars, eliminated the months-long backlog for recording real estate deals, expanded community outreach with mobile visits to every city and town in Westchester, and led the fight that resulted in historic state legislation permitting electronic filing of real estate transactions. All the while slashing wasteful spending in all areas, streamlining staff (down 35%) and cutting 35% from his operating budget.

“I believe in good government.
I believe in government managed by professionals.
I believe in management that anticipates problems before they occur.
I believe that public officials must give the taxpayers a hard day’s work.”