Making Government Work for You

Overtime Down 99%

Saving Tax Dollars
with New Systems and Effective Management

Tim Idoni cut wasteful spending, modernized county filings, and streamlined his staff. Read how…

Protecting Homeowners
from Fraud and Abuse

Tim Idoni upgraded security of public records, and helped seniors avoid invasive calls and junk mail. Read how…

Reaching Out to Residents
with Online Tools and Mobile Office Visits

Tim Idoni made sure that the Clerk’s mobile office visited every town and city in Westchester, and he enhanced online access to millions of records. Read how…

Making County Government
More Efficient and Responsive

Tim Idoni eliminated delays in recording real estate sales, and partnered with other county offices to make government more efficient. Read how…

What is the County Clerk?

The Westchester County Clerk is the oldest elected office in Westchester County, established over 300 years ago to record land deeds and contracts.

Today, the Clerk’s office is responsible for the efficient flow of over $200 million annually and records for real estate sales, gun licenses, legal filings, naturalization papers, passports, and more.

After 14 years as Mayor of New Rochelle, Tim Idoni was elected County Clerk in 2005 and re-elected in 2009 and 2013 with the promise of making the office more efficient, more effective, and more responsive through the application of professional management techniques.

And he has delivered on his promises!

Looking for the official website of the Westchester County Clerk? Click here.